I'm late to the party, but usually I don't even show up.

I have been writing here at this blogger address since 2006.  I've deleted all the content here several times over.  

This was really my own personal instagram before instagram existed.  I posted weird cell phone and point-and-shoot snapshots that I ran through a lame B&W PS script.  
Lots of food, trash, party stuff, selfies, work projects, totems and ghosts that mean nothing to anyone but me. 

I shot and showed the faces of friends in many cities, trips far and near, at least five different apartments in two cities, four different boyfriends and a few lovers, two emotional breakdowns (the ones I haven't completely repressed), and more jobs than I care to remember.  

Have moved this party over to sarahmaltais.tumblr.com, where I am starting fresh.  
sarah-dear.com will forward to the new tumblr address as well.

I'll keep this up (for now), because it still feels good to look back here, and see that all the growing pains and changes were needed, but at my core, I'm still unchanged. The idea is still the same, and the synthesis continues.

So for the 5 people that still read this - Hi Mom, Hi Brother, Hi Best Friends - please adjust your RSS Feeds and bookmarks.


changes on the horizon. 



Made these photos last weekend for GrowNYC.

Their annual plant sale provides our community gardens across the five boroughs with discounted flats of plants including flowers and vegetables and herbs. This organization is amazing, and I'm looking forward to working with them more in the future.

More images up on my site.